Panels & Roundtables


The Section Five Invited Panel

at the Division 39 Conference in New

Orleans, April 2018:

Psychoanalytic Consultation in the Public Sector:

Outcomes, Experiences, and Future Directions

This panel extends Section V’s 2017 Spring Conference presentation on providing psychoanalytic consultation in the public sector. The results of our year-long project to provide pro bono one on one psychodynamic clinical consultation to staff therapists in a large community mental health center on Long Island will be presented. As the pressure to meet state regulations mounts, the emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral Therapies continues unabated, knowledge about and the ability to practice psychodynamically has all but disappeared. With this intervention, we hope to demonstrate to the directors of CMHCs in the not-for-profit sector, regardless of discipline, that psychodynamic training and treatment is relevant to the populations they serve.

Quantitative and qualitative data from both the therapist-consultees and psychoanalytic consultants were gathered to enable us to consider the project’s helpfulness and areas that can be improved. Consultees provided ratings about their work with the psychoanalytic consultants as well as narrative feedback about the experiences. Consultants provided us with detailed descriptions of the process of providing consultation to therapists who are on the “front lines” of treatment. Two of the consultants will share their experience and the data results with the audience. We are also putting together a manual, so that this project can be replicated and extended. A psychologist serving as Clinical Director of an agency in Texas who became interested in the project has begun a replication project. He will discuss the reasons for attempting this as well as institutional and other obstacles that were faced. We believe this is one of the many avenues that we can provide psychoanalytically informed assistance “without the couch”. We welcome dialogue with the audience.

Larry Rosenberg PhD Reports from the Front: Initial Impressions from a Pilot Study in Applied Psychoanalysis

Jane Hassinger LCSW, DCSW: A "Ghost in the Machine": The Experiences of a Psychoanalytic Consultant in Applied Psychoanalysis

Josh Essery PsyD, ABPP: We Need Appointments! A Psychoanalytic Presence Within Community Mental Health?

Moderator: Barry Dauphin PhD, ABPP

Day & Location: Saturday April 21, 2018 4:15 pm - 6:00 pm Fulton

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