Panels & Roundtables


Section V's round table presentation at the 2017 Division 39 Conference

New York City, Thursday 27th April, 10 am

Reintroducing Psychodynamic Treatment to Community Mental Health

Two psychoanalysts, formerly directors of mental health clinics in the public sector, described two initiatives recently launched in the greater New York area designed to reintroduce psychodynamic ideas and practice into community mental health.  One program, a new free-standing clinic for grade school children, many of whom come from families living at or below the poverty level, is staffed by clinical graduate students, supervised by university faculty.  In the second instance, staff therapists at a long-established community mental health center are receiving pro bono weekly individual psychodynamic consultations in addition to their regular supervision through the clinic.  The Clinical Director and Staff Supervisor from this clinic joined the round table conversation to describe why they believe this unusual arrangement is crucial to staff development, its impact on the staff, on their work, and on the clinic culture.   Formal outcome measures planned for this second initiative, which is intended as a pilot study, were described. 


Kirkland Vaughans, Ph.D. Director, Derner Hempstead Child Clinic, Hempstead, NY

Joanna Hulsey, LCSW, Clinical Director, Family Service League, Huntington, NY

Angelique Mitra, Psy.D., Staff Supervisor, Family Service League, Huntington, NY

Larry Rosenberg, Ph.D. Child Guidance Center of Southern Connecticut

Moderator:  Ghislaine Boulanger, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis.

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